"O Verdadeiro Sabor A Mar"

 Trust . Quality . Inovation . Know How . Responsability


Litoralfish Pescado Congelado, SA is a specialized industry in fish processing and freezing, located in Sines.
Sited over 3 km from the fishing port, it allows us to have a product of enormous freshness and quality, which remains until it is consumed.
Included in the Vasco Louro's group, we have a modern fleet of our own, where we select the freshly caught fish, freezing and processing it using the latest techniques.
We intend to be recognized for the maximum quality of our products as this is the only way we will sustain the growth of our activity both at the national and international levels.
In order to guarantee the trust of its customers, Litoralfish selects its suppliers according to the strictest legal criteria and strict quality control. We follow the highest standards of hygiene and food safety, ensuring the original characteristics of the product.
We have the necessary equipment to cope with the entire process, from processing, to freezing and packaging the fish.
Depending on the customer's option, we are prepared to pack in a bag, sanitized or in bulk.
We have the latest technology in all processes, allowing up to 70 tons of fish to be frozen per day.
We are committed to ensure a wide variety of products, with excellent quality at the best prices.